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Note me if you do
A key to how I type/respond on the interwebs eve
tagged by: :icontranslucentrainbow:

ovo- This is a face that I make that I am probably happy or excited to talk about something
eve- This face indicates that I'm probably agreeing to something (usually followed by yeee) or im being a creepy dumb butt
uvu- another form of agreement but more like yes yes uvu content agreement or being calm and happy
unu- most likely my 'oh nooo' face or 'yeah feel bad for me pls' orr 'danggg'
OAO oAo- rarely used but it shows disbelief or surprise not exactly unhappiness
;A;- usually indicates when you have made me feel awkward or I really feel bad for someone or something. or someone hurt my feelings or ego and I don't know what to say. Or a filler to the statement before when I wait for further explanation to see if they meant it the way I may have thought it meant
;v;- my oc face. most used when I talk about oc's and the feels are coming. never usually mean I am sad
;n;- usually a sort of waaaaa omg face or like before oh nooo
XD- not often used but its usually a filler like 'haha' if I don't know what to say or if I feel like I used ovo too much

usually anger or excitement. depends on the conversation
AAAAAA: another form of excitement or disbelief
HNGGGGG: another form of excitement or the feels
LOL- I probably found something amusing
lol- can be the same as above or a filler for when someone tries to be funny or when I try to be funny but its not
LMAO/lmao- same as the above but a higher level
k, ok, kay, okay- I only usually use kay or okay. if I say K or ok im either in a bad mood or im rushing with something. Rarely I use kk as in Kay Kay with usually the face uvu or ovo
not all of these are accurate all the time but it would be right to assume so uvu

I tagggg:
eh animal study i guess by snowytaido
eh animal study i guess
I decided is should upload something I guess?
But yeah. School is starting again soon. Just one more year then I'm finally out of there.
School is really such a pain sometimes I just want to take online courses but oh well I like music class and art.
But anyways I'm not dead or anything so I'm just gonna plop this art dump here


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ID made by :iconveedubbz:
heebie-jeebies by cockrocketDeath Note Fan by P3nsy-chanI'll Kill You. by ValotoxinDemons by skinnyveestamptirrador stamp by TranslucentRainbowstolurrrr by TranslucentRainbowDeviant Stamp : The Used by EllmerAssume Male FIRST by querulousArtisanOCD kitty STAMP by RuthMcGleishI'm Lazy DA stamp 2 by niedecI Love Soup stamp by Valentine-BlackMy Younger Self Stamp by invader-zim-14My characters make me cry by TheBadWolfI hate kids by Apperhensionbanstupidpeople by angemuetDA Stamps: I love purple by eleoyashaHetalia and History by McMittersMusic Stamp by TaylorinchainsFanart stamp by katthekatcain_stamp by HavokPandaabel_stamp by HavokPandaNO SMOKE STAMP by schtolzComment Stalker Stamp by Drick96looking into collections stamp by sixthkidfromthestarzStamp: Mythology by FlantsyFlanI heart Birds Stamp by IHeartStampplz2bird stamp 2 by ivadesignRPStamp Roleplay OC by PharaohQueenI love Deer by WishmasterAlchemistergthyjfuh LOL by TranslucentRainbowAnatirmy by TranslucentRainbowPepe stamp by TranslucentRainbowNyx stamp by TranslucentRainbowThomas stamp by TranslucentRainbowIvu stamp by TranslucentRainbowDerrek stamp by TranslucentRainbowFrankie stamp by TranslucentRainbowCloud Stamp by Kezzi-RoseSTAMP-mechanical pencils by Sister-of-CharityStamp by Kataang-furubaNovice Stamp by J7MiGiAssume Male FIRST by querulousArtisanNailbat love stamp. by Shark-BitesLoves to RP stamp by Marlin-RaeRP Imagine by ArtFreak99Online life stamp... by NikkiFirestarterRain Stamp by Stamp221Edit Undo Stamp by HappyStampOP_Chibiterasu Stamp by Stamp221++STAMP++ by Phantom--WolfOP_Amaterasu Stamp by Stamp221teddy stamp by findyQFreaking Airport Stamp by chibi22Fanart stamp by katthekatPractice Stamp by Zombie-FaerieSnakes Stamp by pillze69I forget :C by Animal-StampI forget :C by Animal-StampI forget :C by Animal-StampI forget :C by Animal-StampI forget :C by Animal-StampI talk to my pet Stamp by Stamp221Artist's comments stamp by ShutsumonLegend Of Zelda Stamp by 666mel666Yoshi's Island Stamp by StampPKUPiano Stamp by JackdawStampsTurtle Stamp by Sky-YoshiRadda Stamp by GeneveveXTotoro Stamp 1 by ToonfreakTomboyish Stamp by xSweetSlayerxMondays... - Stamp by RavensScarExtinction Stamp by Kezzi-RoseTraditional Art Junkie Stamp by SylladexterRavens Stamp by sequelleCopic Fan Stamp by yanagi-sanBad handwriting -Stamp- by xxkeikochanxxlooking into favorites stamp by sixthkidfromthestarzPootcat Stamp by pinkfairywandLooking At The Sky Stamp by cleopataI Love Eyes Stamp by Sugargrl14Fave and Run Stamp by SpyridonDrink Coffee Stamp by urnightmareSTAMP: Glasses by EmotikonzMessages Stamp by WetWithRainFriday Stamp by AGoddessFinchFanartist Stamp by FeniikuTotoro Stamp 3 by ToonfreakWinter Stamp by Kezzi-RoseMilk Stamp by Kezzi-Rose1 AM Stamp by SparkLum::Link Stamp:: by pwincessbriComments Stamp by yuki-hoshime:thumb75972290:Vans Stamp by Kezzi-RosePepito Sagarassi Stamp by TranslucentRainbowMostly Male Characters by PlasticKatanaAugust Burns Red Stamp by hafootThe Devil Wears Prada by hafootSuicide Silence by OminousShadowsTDWP by sequelleThe Devil Wears Prada by AlexSatrianiThe Devil Wears Prada by winter-ame:thumb245241934::iconyayrussiaplz::iconwhywouldffffplz:Prosciutto stamp 4 by TranslucentRainbowStoler Stamp Cute by TranslucentRainbowTir Stamp Cute by TranslucentRainbowThomas Stamp Cute by TranslucentRainbowPepito Stamp Cute by TranslucentRainbow:heart:Frankie Stamp Cute by TranslucentRainbowRobert Stamp Cute by TranslucentRainbow

Some pretty cool artists in my interests eue:
Give me suggestions! eue

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Miryo-Mirii Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
gawd u have so many stamps o-o
snowytaido Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lmao ive been collecting uvu
Miryo-Mirii Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
are the badges from groups your in? 
snowytaido Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
no they're not XD
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VongolaPrimo111 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhhh thank so much for the watch ;u; it means a lot to me!! Oh oh, I'm holding an art request/art trade thingy, so to thank you I'd love to draw you something!!!…
snowytaido Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ohh you don't have to but if you would really like, you can draw any one of my two oc's……
VongolaPrimo111 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahaha;;; I practically forced this offer on you OTL Sorry about that, I get too excited when i get to draw other people's oc;;; ahaha But uh, I hope you like it!
snowytaido Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh no no its okay im just surprised that you were eager enough to draw so much
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Miryo-Mirii Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
i found u babeh hey baby 
snowytaido Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
o h  hi
to my lair

very good

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